Wallpaper At The Door – Tips and Templates

Wallpaper At The Door - Tips and Templates
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Have you thought about complementing your home decor by adding a wallpaper on the door? However, you still have doubts about which color and model to choose to give the ideal finish? So rest easy! Just know that with a few simple tips you will learn to choose the option that best fits the environment you want to change.

After all, it all depends on the purpose, doesn’t it? You simply cannot choose the same wallpaper for the living room and bedroom door. Each room has its own features and, as a result, they have a different decoration.

So follow our guide below and find out how to assemble the decoration using wallpaper on the door.

Wallpaper At The Door - Tips and Templates


Wallpaper on the door: how to choose?

Before you go around applying various colored wallpapers, it is important that you consider some points. Are they:

  • The environment: As we mentioned, you can’t just choose any wallpaper for any environment. The room, for example, can be complemented with a unique color or with more serious prints, such as geometric shapes, dust, and even stripes. This will prevent the door from getting too “loaded”. In the kitchen, of course, you can use those grandma-style prints with flowers, fruits, etc. That is, the paper must be in balance with the decoration around it.
  • The color: Color, as well as the pattern, is also a crucial factor that should be considered when choosing your wallpaper. That is, even if the pattern is discreet for the room, but the color “glaring”, you should reconsider. After all, nothing is more exhausting than being in an environment that is meant to be reassuring with a wall that “wears out” our eyes even more, isn’t it? So for the room go pastel or dark tones. For other environments, take an extra bold or go with dark tones if you wish.
  • The contrast: Another factor to consider is the contrast that the wallpaper will trigger in the decor itself. That is, do you want the door with paper to be the key point of decoration? Or do you want it to be just an add-on? This allows you to measure the full impact paper can have on the environment.
  • Personal taste: Finally, of course, you should always take into account your personal taste to choose from, right? This ensures that the finish will look just the way you like it, so it doesn’t become heavy or cloying to your eyes. So despite the tips, if your taste is different and you want something “stark” at your bedroom door, go for it! Certainly, by choosing from you will have a more satisfying result than just following tips you see out there.


Wallpaper templates on the door

Now that you’ve got our tips on how to choose your door wallpaper, let’s take a look at the inspirations we’ve set aside for you:

Wallpaper At The Door - Tips and Templates

Wallpaper At The Door - Tips and Templates

Wallpaper At The Door - Tips and Templates

Wallpaper At The Door - Tips and Templates

Wallpaper At The Door - Tips and Templates
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