Refreshing Palette, Green and Pink Color Apartment

green and pink color apartment
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In taking over the changes in the project recently delivered by the builder, the architects Nabila Sukrieh and Camila Stump – partners in the Minke Studio – had more work to finish building the apartment than with the changes themselves. Among the changes to the original design of the property, one of the bedrooms was added to the living room, the door of the suite changed and, in the name of comfort, the bedroom bathroom was closed with iron frames, which release the view from the inside city skyline without damaging the privacy of the resident.

green and pink color apartment
green and pink color apartment

The changes were discussed with the client, who brought a collection of references to the works of the first property itself. “She wanted refreshing colors and we came to the ideal palette in the early stages of the project,” says Nabila. Now, a large panel of green Formica walks through the social area of the property fulfilling several functions: it is a panel for the TV, disguises the entrance to the toilet (coated with pink ceramic tablets !) And surrounds the service area. The desire to camouflage passages is repeated at the entrance of the room, which takes advantage of a lacquered panel next to the passage and combines with the light pink tone of the wall and the granite of the floor.

green and pink colors apartment
fresh green and pink colors apartment

A detail that brings areas of modernity to the whole property: the colors are only seen up to a certain height of the walls. What set this alignment was the height of the balcony. Thus, the white ceiling seems wider, and the environment as a whole, cleaner.

Refreshing palette with touches of green and pink
Refreshing palette with touches of green and pink
Refreshing palette colors apartment
refreshing palette colors apartment


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