Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates

Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates
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Thinking and planning the decoration with frames is very important to provide harmony and beauty in any environment of the house. After all, it is not enough simply to “hang” several frames, right? It is necessary to plan the style of the paintings and their arrangement according to the other items of the room.

In this way, we invite you to follow our article today so you will know important tips on how to enjoy a beautiful decoration with paintings. Follow below:

Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates

Frame decorating tips

Before you go around buying a lot of beautiful paintings that you find, it is important to think a little about using them:

Think about frame size

The first step is to think about the size of the frames. So, pay attention to the points:

  • Wall space: Of course, you can’t just buy several small frames or a single big one. We need to plan the decoration so that it stands out and looks beautiful. Therefore, you will need to set a size to be occupied on the wall. From this, it becomes easier to think about how many frames you will need to purchase.
  • Purpose: The purpose will vary according to your personal taste. You can opt for a large frame in the center, with smaller ones around, or two large and none small. So imagine your wall: how much do you like the amount of pictures? How much do you think about investing? And stipulate the purpose of the decoration itself.
  • Use A4 paper to make it easier: Is it a little difficult to imagine the size of the frames just in the eye? So take advantage of those A4 sheets you have in your printer and stick them with tape on the wall. In some cases, add some sheets to simulate larger frames. In others, cut in half. So you have a preview of your wall, and know exactly how many large and small frames you will need to buy.


Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates

One image in multiple frames

The second step is you stipulate what are the messages or images of his paintings. This way you can get a single framed image in multiple pieces! Or, several pieces with different images and phrases.

Again what will be most important at this point is your own personal taste. And also, the environment that will be decorated. An office with a world map spread across multiple frames can be very elegant.

Already in the bedroom or living room, various comics with motivating messages, funny and colorful images can give a feeling of warmth and joy to the environment. So think of a goal for your decor and go for it!


Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates


Thinking about the colors

Last but not least, you will need to think about the colors of your frame. Will you want something more flashy and cheerful? Something more discreet and cozy? Anyway! It also depends on the environment you are decorating. In the bedroom, give priority to softer color if you want to color. But in the room, you can abuse both the monochrome and a beautiful rainbow. See below:

  • Color to brighten: Color can be used in the office, kitchen, living room, bathroom… even in the bedroom, as long as its layout is not too flashy. After all, nothing better than a quiet room for the night, isn’t it?
  • Black and white to calm down: Want to calm down in any environment, providing a lighter and more discreet air? Then black and white will surely be your best option. Bet on this trend for any part of your home that you want to provide greater serenity.


Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates

Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates

Frame Decorating: Tips and Templates

With these tips, you will surely build a beautiful frame decoration in your home!

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